101 South Ohio Avenue - Floor 2, Sidney, Ohio 45365
Phone: (937) 492-9122 - Toll Free: (866) 892-9122

Sidney is a SPIRIT Our Brand Story...

Perhaps Sidney is best defined by what you won’t find here.

That’s not to say we’ve got nothing going on. Far from it.

We’re up early. On the job. In the field. On the floor. At the office. In the store.

And we’re working late. In our churches. At the food pantry. On the ballfield. In the barn. And at city hall.

If you’re looking for “easy street,” you won’t find it here.

We are a hands-on community. Actors of kindness. Doers. Leaders looking to mentor the next generation forward. This is a place where a thumbprint can lead to footprints. And footprints lead to change.

If you’re looking for a laurel to rest on – you won’t find it here.

We are moving. Building. Creating. Evolving. And we’re driving toward a truth. Something we can all share. Work toward. Defend.

It’s part memory. Of what they’ve built. Of what we’ve built. Of what we’ve stood for. Struggled for and built together.

But it’s also a vision of the community we want to be. A future full of energy, optimism and ownership. A commitment to growth, opportunity and development.

Sidney is both a community and a community in the making. Created by the crafters, makers, artists, farmers and framers of our city. Who we are today isn’t who we will be. Nor a limit on what we can be.

Because Sidney is a spirit you won’t find anywhere else.


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