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Unique Items of Interest

Bicentennial Coins

A limited number of Shelby County Bicentennial silver coins have been minted by Osborne Coinage of Cincinnati and are available for your collection. The .999 fine silver coins were designed by Mary Beth Monnier, President – Creative Marketing Strategies, with input from the Bicentennial Committee.

The obverse of the coin contains the year of the County’s founding (1819) and the year of the bicentennial celebration (2019). In addition, it contains the four words that the committee determined best represent the county: freedom, families, farms and industry.

The reverse side of the coin contains the names of Shelby County’s current villages and lone city, as well as stylized images for families, freedom, farms and industry. Freedom is represented by Shelby County’s flag, families by a mother, father and children, farms by a barn, and, industry by three interconnecting gears.

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Shelby County Driving Tour App

Sponsored by SMS Group.


Shelby County Bicentennial Commemorative Henry Rifles to Be Sold

The Shelby County Bicentennial Committee is offering commemorative Henry rifles for sale to the public. The commemorative rifles will include three models.  Those models include the Henry Standard, the Henry Golden Boy, and the Henry Big Boy.

“When the committee first began planning Shelby County’s Bicentennial, we discussed offering a commemorative Henry rifle,” Guillozet stated.  “After a great deal of research, we began working with Brian Nesby of Rocky Mountain Firearms.  A part of that work included choosing the facets of Shelby County’s history to include.”

“Perhaps the toughest part of the entire project was designing  the engravings that would best illustrate Shelby County’s history,” Guillozet stated.  “Brian’s engravers worked with Mary Beth Monnier of Creative Marketing Strategies  on the final design of the images used.”

Available from Rocky Mountain Firearms will be the Henry Standard.  The .22 caliber rifle will have a blued receiver and round barrel.  Only 25 of the guns will be available, and each gun will be engraved with the number in the series.  The Henry Standard will sell for $699.00.

The Henry Golden Boy has a brass finished receiver and octagon barrel.  It too is .22 caliber.  Like the Henry Standard, only 25 of this model also will be available.  The Golden Boy sells for $895.

The Henry Big Boy is a large-bore rifle, and only 10 will be offered.  It comes with an octagon barrel, and can be ordered in one of four calibers, including .357 magnum, .41 caliber, .44 caliber, or .45 caliber.  It too, comes with a brass finish receiver.  It sells for $1,495.

Located in Johnstown, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Firearms is a small, family-owned business that has been producing special edition firearms for 17 years. These limited edition rifles make very fine family heirlooms and make great gifts as well.

Thanks to Rocky Mountain Firearms, two of the guns, a Henry Standard and a Henry Golden Boy, will be raffled off, with the money benefitting the Shelby County Bicentennial Committee. Details of the raffle are being developed now and will be announced here once finalized.

Those interested in more information or to purchase one or more of the commemorative Henry rifles should contact Brian Nesby at (888) 742.4867 or (970) 231.3050).  Orders will be processed in the order received. 

Shelby County Henry Rifle Raffle

Shelby County Historic Church Directory & Tour

With the successful “Kickoff” on April 1, the Shelby County Bicentennial Celebration is in full swing.  Continuing with the theme of promoting and preserving our rich history, a publication is planned to focus on the importance that faith has played in the growth of our area.

This publication will include the demographics of each church as well as a brief history of the congregation, possible interviews with members, and pictures.

A section on “Ghost Churches” will be a part of this venture.  A “ghost church” is one that is no longer in existence at that location.  It may also still be standing, but used for another purpose, such as a private residence.

The church directory is being researched by students and faculty from all of the schools in Shelby County.  Several other individuals are also assisting.  The directory will include churches from all areas of the county as well as within the city limits of Sidney.  Later this year, it is hoped that the county churches will be open for tours.  As we celebrate the bicentennial of Sidney in 2020, tours of Sidney churches will be available at that time.


Bicentennial MarketPlace

September 28, 2019 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To kick off the fall and Christmas shopping season, the Bicentennial MarketPlace will offer a variety of unique items for shoppers. Antiques, vintage clothing, furniture, glassware, Shelby County collectibles, homemade items such as soaps, candles, crafts, and woodcarvings will be on display and available for purchase. An antique tractor display will accompany the market.  Guests will enjoy live music and refreshments while they browse. Informal appraisals of coins, jewelry, pottery, glassware and fine china will be available as well.

CLICK HERE to download the MarketPlace vendor registration form.

Please note the event date change to September 28th.  For shoppers, Free Admission 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sponsored by Douglas Millhoff  and Greg and Priscilla Wilt.

Bicentennial Brew – What’s in a Name?

The Shelby Sidney Bicentennial Committee sponsored a contest to name a special bicentennial beer being brewed for Shelby County’s Bicentennial. The Bicentennial Beer Subcommittee, chaired by Shelby County Commissioner Tony Bornhorst worked with Nick Moeller, owner/operator of Moeller Brew Barn of Maria Stein in this endeavor.

Shelby County’s Bicentennial brew is a pilsner – a type of lager. Interestingly, the John Wagner Brewing Company, the only brewing company located in Shelby County between 1896 and 1919 when it closed after the passage of the 18th Amendment, brewed a pilsner.  That pilsner was named Golden Pilsner Lager.

Shelby 1819 Limited is the name selected for Shelby County’s “soon to be favorite” special beer. Congratulations Dave DeVelvis from Sidney for submitting the winning entry. Shelby 1819 Limited will have a limited production run, and only be produced for consumption during Shelby County’s Bicentennial. It will be available for purchase locally and at special events during the year, including the Shelby County Fair and community celebrations such as the Botkins Carousel, the Anna Homecoming and Jackson Center Community Days.

Shelby County Sets a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD

On Wednesday morning September 18th, students representing every school in Shelby County were joined by others from the community in an attempt to break a world record by opening a drink can simultaneously. The previous record was established in Japan in 2018 when, all at one time, 1,204 people opened a soft drink can. That record was shattered when at Sidney Memorial Stadium 2,344 cans were opened.


Setting this new world record is significant to Shelby County Ohio where the process originated for mass-producing pop-top drink cans at the Stolle Corporation in Sidney.

Officials from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS were on hand to witness and validate the attempt.

Setting a world record was one of numerous events and activities organized in the county to commemorate its 200 year bicentennial celebration. This specific community undertaking paid tribute to the significance of manufacturing in Shelby County, its rich heritage, and the dedicated workforce instrumental to past and ongoing achievements.

The world record attempt was sponsored by Stolle Machinery.

Bicentennial Tree Sales

City of Sidney Tree Board Annual Sale

August 20 thru September 14. Time & location to be determined.

Red and white oak trees will be offered for sale to the community.  Commemorative plaques will be available for sale as well.  Trees are priced at $100 each.  Plaques are $50.  Ordering details will be published here when available.

From the Frontier to the Future

This is a two part traveling exhibit. The ”Frontier” is a custom designed and built mobile museum that will travel the area to present information about Shelby County’s rich 200 year history. This content will include geological as well as historical information about the county and its communities. This mobile museum can be customized to each specific destination where the museum is staged.

The “Future” refers to the Workforce Partnership Mobile Classroom. This is being used to showcase careers and future opportunities in Shelby County. It is here that elementary school aged children can participate in STEM related presentations and receive information about companies operating in Shelby County.

The Frontier to the Future exhibit is made possible through the combined efforts of The Shelby County Historical Society, Workforce Partnership of Shelby County and Shelby County 4-H.

You can visit the mobile museum at any of these locations:

April 27 – Hardin Bicentennial Celebration

May 30 thru June 2 – Jackson Center Community Days

June 7 thru 9 – Botkins Carousal

June 14 & 15 – Anna Homecoming

July 20 – Kettlersville/Van Bren Twp. Firemen’s Picnic

August 9 & 10 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Picnic

August 30 thru Sept 1 – Russia Homecoming

September 7 – Bicentennial Marketplace

Sept 20 & 21 – German Heritage Days in Fort Loramie

From the Frontier to the Future is sponsored by Airstream, Monumental Building Trustees, The Community Foundation of Shelby County, Wells Brothers, The Village of Russia, and Jim & Karen Fortman.

Children’s Activity Book

A children’s Bicentennial activity book comprised of coloring and puzzle pages will be inserted in the Sidney Daily News on March 30.  Additional copies will be distributed to all third-graders in the county during an event planned by the Shelby County Historical Society. Page sponsorships are available. For more information, contact Natalie Buzzard at 937-538-4667.

Sponsored by The Sidney Daily News.

Poster Contest

Being organized by the Shelby County Libraries, area students will have the opportunity to show off their creativity and Bicentennial spirit by participating in a poster contest. The theme of this year’s competition is  “Celebrate The  Bicentennial.” There will be three age categories within the contest and the winning posters will be displayed in the Art Gallery at Amos Memorial Library in downtown Sidney. Winning entries will receive special prizes.

The Bicentennial Poster Contest is sponsored by Ross Casting & Innovation.

Bicentennial Pictorial Postmark & Commemorative Postcards

A special pictorial postmark has been created for each of the 11 communities in Shelby County that has a post office (Anna, Botkins, Fort Loramie, Houston, Jackson Center, Kettlersville, Maplewood, Pemberton, Port Jefferson, Russia and Sidney). Each postmark features the official Shelby County Bicentennial logo, the April 1, 2019 Bicentennial date and the location of that post office as the official place of mailing (ex. ANNA, OH STATION). To celebrate the 200th year of Shelby County, on April 1st customers at any of the Country post offices can request to have the postage on their regular outgoing mail cancelled with their community’s special postmark. Commemorative postcards can be specially postmarked on request and mailed on this date as well.

Eleven unique commemorative postcards have been designed. The front of each 4×6 postcard features high-quality images of each community.  The back of the postcard includes one custom postcard-rate postage stamp featuring a photograph of the current Shelby County Courthouse. Most postcards will also come pre-stamped with a special Bicentennial pictorial postmark. 

A set of all 11 postcards sells for $20. Individual postcards are priced at $2 each. Postcards will be available for purchase beginning April 1 through April 30 at the following retail locations during their regular business hours: Rachel’s Cakes in Anna, Ask Amy Staging in Botkins, Fort Loramie Hardware, Michael’s Mowers in Houston, Jackson Center Pro Hardware, PJ General Store & Carry Out in Port Jefferson, Buschur’s Market in Russia, and The Ivy Garland in Sidney. Each retail location will have on-hand their community’s individual postcard, as well as the 11-postcard sets. As there are no retail locations participating in Kettlersville, Maplewood and Pemberton, those interested cards representing these communities can purchase their cards as follows: Rachel’s Cakes will also carry the Kettlersville postcard; PJ General Store & Carry Out will carry the Maplewood postcard; and The Ivy Garland will carry the Pemberton postcard.  

As a fun way to observe the bicentennial celebration, a limited number of commemorative postcard sets will be available for purchase without postmarks.  Those who choose to purchase their postcards in this format can instead plan to visit each of the 11 post offices in the county during the month of April and collect their own postmarks.   

The commemorative postcards are intended as bicentennial keepsakes, however, they have a stamp and meet all requirements for mailing. Anyone wishing to mail a commemorative postcard bearing the special April 1, 2019 postmark must do so on that date only. After that date, postcards containing the special postmark can no longer enter the mail stream, per postal service regulations.

Wilson Lenox House Experience

Shelby County’s third graders will reinforce their Local History Social Studies curriculum by attending a Shelby County Bicentennial event named “Shelby County in 1819.” This event has been created by the Shelby County Historical Society’s Just for Kids committee joined by third grade teachers and administrators and will allow third graders to experience what it would have been like to live in Shelby County in 1819.

Students will tour the Wilson/Lenox home built in 1816 by John Wilson. This is the oldest brick home still standing in Shelby County. The day will include many hands-on experiences. Students will learn how pioneers created farmland by cutting down trees to build homes and barns. Once the land was cleared, the pioneers worked hard to plant and harvest their fields. Students will plant corn, shell corn, grind corn into corn meal and then bake corn bread in an outdoor oven.

The most valuable asset to any farmer in 1819 was his livestock. Students will learn how to care for farm animals. A demonstration will be given on how sheep are sheared and how the wool is cleaned, carded, and spun into yarn and woven into cloth for clothes.

When pioneers were not in the fields they were hunting and trapping, trying to provide extra meat for their families. Pelts were used to barter for items that they could not make or create for themselves. Pioneers could never have imagined in how transportation, communication, and law enforcement would have changed over the course of 200 years. By the end of this day students will have a better understanding of how life has changed in Shelby County since 1819.

Sponsored by Shelby County United Way, The Monarch Legacy Fund of The Community Foundation of Shelby County,  Gillman Farms, Doug and Becky Jelley, Freshway Foods, and the Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce. 

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