Planet of the Little Green Men

Start date: September 16, 2023

End date: September 16, 2023

7:00 p.m.

Historic Sidney Theatre
120 West Poplar Street
Sidney, OH

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Like a sentient blob, hell-bent on the feed, oozing out of the neon streets of New Orleans come Planet of the Little Green Men. Kaleidoscopic layers of wailing guitar scream, pulsating and wavering rhythms stacked on top of blistering ear candy that could only be described as a new triumph on classic psychedelia. LGM are no strangers to the psychic connection between music and being, in fact it’s what they strive to manifest and produce. With members birthed all across north and central America, LGM’s sound and influences are as diverse and inspired as its members. There is no sound LGM will not have their shot at, and no one is safe from their infectious, psychedelic output. The wrath of outer space is here!