The Ross Center Presents: The Flourishing Fifties!

Start date: May 3, 2021

End date: May 31, 2021

The Ross Center
201 North Main Avenue
Sidney, Ohio 45365

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“The Flourishing Fifties” exhibit focuses on an era holding great nostalgia for those of a “certain age” and to spotlight life in Sidney, Ohio during the 50s with the postwar vitality in our industry, schools, business, and home making culture. Here’s a bit of what you’ll see:

In the lobby, a large cutout of a pink Cadillac complete with a policeman and a young street “rodder” getting a ticket will afford you a photo op as you position yourself behind the cutout. You will also see many models of the amazing swept wing cars and the memorabilia associated with some leading car dealers of the time.

Another room captures the sports, dances, and teen hangouts of that era with special emphasis on the growing impact of music on the teens in their attitudes and dress. As in many small towns, the schools were the center of attention. Ours, sadly, were in dire straits with 5 of the 8 having been condemned by the State of Ohio just 4 days ahead of their opening for fall term. However, that event sparked a citizen movement resulting in many positive results.

Another room focuses on the expansion of housing in Sidney as the baby boom and the GI Bill gave many the need and the means to find housing. Previous shantytown areas pictured became the focus of a boom in houses on streets like Belmont and New and Ruth. Although a “cookie cutter” style, these small houses nevertheless provided neighborhoods for hardworking residents and their growing families. The expansion of our wonderful Tawawa Civic Park and its becoming a city park in 1956 is depicted along with a young entrepreneur news carrier complete with a vintage Schwinn Corvette bike.

A third downstairs room recalls with great visual clarity the home life of many middle-class Americans with a vignette of an American kitchen table equipped with all the “modern” conveniences the era created. A vintage sewing machine along with patterns and a display of typical foods will evoke many fond memories for our visitors.

Upstairs are three display cases filled with authentic and priceless memorabilia from the golden age of the American cowboy including Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, the Lone Ranger as well as some toys and games of the era.

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