Lecture Series: Lois and Anna: An Author Grows Up

Presenter Bobbie Malone will cover her lifelong interest in author Lois Lenski and her work; the significance of her Anna Years, her career challenges & highlights; and the evolution of Malone’s own work in directions that reading Lenski’s books may have unconsciously inspired.

Bobbie will be accompanied by her husband, Bill Malone, who is a prominent historian of country music and host of a weekly radio program, “Back to the Country.” He is co-author of the definitive history of country music, “Country Music,” now celebrating it 50th anniversary in print in a completely revised edition

To celebrate the Bicentennial of Shelby County Ohio, the Shelby County Historical Society has prepared a series of interesting presentations tracing the history and significance of the county and its citizens.

Sponsored by Steve and Peggy Baker